21 günde Montenegro’da şirket kurulumu üzerinden Oturma ve Çalışma izni alın!


It takes 21 days to establish a company and get work and residence permit in Montenegro
Get work and residence permit within 21 days after establishing a business in Montenegro.
Start up a business in Montenegro, conduct business around the globe!
Take advantage of the low taxes of Montenegro and pay only 9% corporate tax no matter where you do business with.
A small nation of 620,000!
Montenegro is a small nation that is growing each day. Montenegro offers vast opportunities to foreign interests to facilitate it's economic expansion.
Hour and half from Istanbul!
Not that much longer to anywhere else in Europe from Montenegro.
Montenegro to enter European Union in a very short time!
Montenegro's official currency is the Euro, one of the most stable currencies in the world.
Grab the opportunity!
Montenegro's fast economic growth is poised to shorten the EU admittence period. There is only a short period to gain unhindered access to Europe.
No Visa Required!
As of now, Montenegro does not require Visas. After Montenegro’s admittence to the EU, regular Schengen Visa requierments will also apply to Montenegro.
A land without bureaucracy!
Get work and residence permit and work permit within 21 days after establishing a business in Montenegro.
Live and Work anywhere!
There is no requerment for you to reside in Montenegro during the validty of your permit. You can freely reside anywhere you like.
Start your future!
Your permit not only your wife and children, but your parents will also become European citizens.
Invest in your future!
After the approval of your permit, you will enjoy the same benefits as Montenegrins while buying or selling property and realestate.
Half of tourists to Montenegro, arrive by sea
A wonderous place where Mediterannian and Balkan cultures meet, in 2015 Montenegro was home to over 2 million tourists. Montenegro is seeking investors to expand the tourism sector gold mine.
Fortune 500’s in Montenegro.
US, Canadian, Russian, Swiss UAE investment groups are raining down on Montenegro in the anticipation of the economic boom.
Turkish Business Magnate’s in Montenegro
Companies such as Doğus Group, Net Holding, Global Yatırım Holding, Gintaş, are bringing their investments into Montenegro.
Montenegro has the highest growth rate for tourism in the world
In the last 4 years, Montenegro reported 23% growth in foreing investments. Since 2009, over 48,000 businesses have registered in Montenegro.

Before entering the EU, you will benefit from

  • Residence and work permit, rights to buy, sell or rent realestate.
  • Rights to conduct all legal business activities and services from financial institutions.
  • Immunity from all legal regulatory changes regarding immigration status after the admittance to EU.
Montenegro Şirket Kurulumu Oturma ve Çalışma İzni

After Entering the EU, you will benefit from

  • Rights to enter all EU nations from Montenegro without a Visa.
  • Rights to work and live in all EU member states.
  • Right to receive free commercial activities in all EU states.
  • Right to receive free governmental services in all EU states.